Our Future

Because the world deserves more.

Our Company

Our mission is to help connect individuals and organizations to the latest technology while keeping our planet green.

Solving A Problem

Throughout the years, research has shown that the average person's stressed about their complex mobile device payments; between financing the device, insurance, and simply the unnecessarily long contracts, their bills ultimately accumulate and rise greatly. These same individuals seek fulfillment to alleviate their monthly statements and, to this, we've found a simple solution.


Many consumers are unaware of the many resources consumed to create those beautiful devices we use day to day. A majority of these resources fail to be properly dismantled, recycled or even reused. We believe we've found a solution to this common problem.

Finding A Solution

Instead of us creating a long list of scenarios on how to solve the everyday person's mobile device issues, we solve it at the core with the idea of leasing. With our system, anything from vexatious payments, device malfunctions, or simply device upgrades will primarily be covered by us. Over a period of time, the money adds up and thousands can be saved every year. This is the one app that gets better and better the more you use it.


We know that you and countless others paid hundreds if not thousands for those devices. Our subscription service accounts for that and rewards you every step of the way. Rest assured we recycle every device we purchase. Benefiting you as a consumer and our planet together, everyone wins. 

The Founder


Our Founder and CEO ultimately set out to achieve a specific goal to get everyone out of the never ending situation of service providers trapping them to their services. Influenced by this goal, we reach for our subscribers to have the freedom of choice to use their device, wherever and whenever they want, based on their living situations.

Device Subscription Upgrade Program