Lets Defeat Covid-19

This is the time for us to support each other.

Corona Virus Support Relief

During this time of need, we have been working on a temporary program to assist those who have or may fall behind on their phone bills.

What We're Doing

We're providing a free Unlimited Plan for everyone affected by the coronavirus. This is a temporary program

Why We're Doing It

Our country is only as strong as our economy. If we as a business fail to do our part, our country will fail. We MUST provide what we can to keep our country safe and strong.

Who Can Apply

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older and anyone who is a legal United States Citizen.


Limited Funding

This program is funded by our CEO's salary. He's willing to do the best he can to support everyone he can in this time of need.

The program will go live on

April 10th, 2020

We are sorry for the delay.

Please fill out to receive your support package.

Together we can death Covid-19

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