Frequently Ask Questions

Do I need to run my credit to get a phone?

Fyinance does not require any credit checks and will not run anyone’s credit. Ultimately, just about anyone and everyone is allowed to subscribe to a phone plan.

How often or when can I upgrade?

- If you are on your first device on the subscription, there will be a minimum of 12 payments before your first upgrade. However, any additional perks you add will allow additional upgrades more frequently.

What do I have to pay?

Depending on your subscription, whether it’s Basic or Premium, the payments will vary. Although, on all plans, there is a $0 down guarantee on all upgrades. If you choose the Basic Subscription plan, you will receive previous generation devices and there is a one-time account initiation cost. On the alternative, if you were to choose the Premium Subscription plan, you will receive current generation devices and there is a one-time account initiation cost for as well.

Can I Own The Device?

Under a lease agreement, Fyinance will own the phone. Our goal is to help our planet stay green and to do so, we focus on keeping the devices we purchase to do our part. However, your subscription credits can be used to redeem an unused version of the device(s) you have, plus the ability to redeem the newest device(s) in the market.

How long does protection over the device last?

Because Fyinance owns the device, protection will continue to be covered. 

What does protection over the device cover?

At Fyinance, protection over the devices cover just about a majority of what you can think of. Furthermore, this includes: cracked screens, water damage, and damaged home buttons. We offer replacementds on physical, mechanical, and electrical failures with no additional costs at the first occurrence.

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Yes, any customer is allowed to withdraw their leasing subscription at any period of time. The lease operates and applies on a month-to-month basis. If the customer cancels their leasing subscription, they are required to pay for their subscription for the remaining month and must return the phone.

Device Subscription Upgrade Program